Tommy, 20
Henry 是一位认真负责的优秀教练,他会在课前为你独身制定锻炼计划,课时耐心仔细的辅导,避免一切意外的发生,课后也会随时追踪进展,督促你运动。对于我来说,henry像一个好朋友一样引领我,让我更爱运动。

Dan, 41
Henry has taken me from having minimal exercise knowledge to feeling comfortable using almost any part of the gym. He’s been a core component of my training both for cycling through the alps and running half marathons. It’s always physically horrible (in the best sense) balanced out by being easy going fun.

James, 34
Having worked with a few other personal trainers in the past, Henry is definitely something different in that the sessions are varied, challenging and fun at the same time! I’m not a fan of gym sessions spent in the weights room and the sessions that Henry puts together makes best use out of the gym! He’s got a great knack of keeping things relaxed and enjoyable but pushing you to your max each time! Having also done lots of boxing with H, he’s great at articulating the technical aspects in a simple manner, meaning you have plenty of time to get stuck in!

Rishna, 31
After training with Henry for over a year, I have gone from absolutely detesting the gym to really looking forward to my sessions with him. Being a complete novice, going to the gym used to be really intimidating but Henry makes every session fun and fulfilling. He listened very carefully to my goals and tailored a programme accordingly that is flexible but pushes me just the right amount. Not only does he deliver results, but his sense of humour makes working out entertaining and rewarding. I couldn’t recommend him enough to anyone from novices like me to seasoned gym goers.